Swede Henrik Stenson and YE Yang from Korea found themselves on kitchen duty at the 2010 Volvo China Open, enjoying the traditional Chinese culinary art of noodle making.(2010-04-15)

Golfing stars such as YE Yang, the first Asian golfer to win a ‘Major’ and Swedish star Henrik Stenson are well accustomed to the sort of pressure that comes with holing a vital putt to win a golf championship.

But they are less used to the sort of pressure they endured at the Volvo China Open, making traditional Chinese noodles in front of the world’s media.

With instructor Han Xiu De, the head noodle chef at the luxurious Jinji Lake Hotel on hand, Yang and Stenson tied themselves, and their noodles in knots, proving that leading sportsmen should always stick to the day job.

“I was terrible,” admitted practical joker Stenson, adding, “But it was great fun although my wife Emma will have to continue with the cooking at home.”

Meanwhile Yang put his oriental skills to good effect, marginally better than Stenson in the noodle shack, saying, “Compared to that, holing the winning putt to win the USPGA Championship last year was nothing.”

Said chef Han Xiu De, “The art of Chinese noodle making has been around for almost 2,000 years and the Han Dynasty, so it’s not too much of a surprise that our two golfers found it tough, but given the sort time they had to practice, they did very well and I would say it was an honourable draw.”(2010-04-15)


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