First Tournament of the year – Spring Open2016

This was the first tournament in 2016. Around 130 members and guests attended and shotgun started at noon April 24th. This intense competition became a winning start for club’s 10th anniversary.


After more than 4 hours competition, our member Mr. Liang Gang won the Gross Champion at his birthday. For this tournament, we also set lady’s group and Junior’s group. Ms Bu Min-chao won the Gross Champion of lady’s group, Eric won the Gross Champion of Junior’s group and Mr. Liu Su-yi won the Gross Champion of Teenager Group.


Thanks for all sponsorships. We would like to thank Pro-Simon, Shanghai Yuheng Golf, JAL, PING, Maotai Golf, Golfino, Tie Han Club and Golfpunk. All the great prizes that sponsored by them made our members and guests very happy. We also had lucky draw for our little kids, the big prize for them was two sets of Disney Land tickets for them to play the Disney with their mum and dad.


We set up two speial groups of this tournament which are teenager group and super junior group. 27 kids attended the tournament. If you saw their beautiful swing on the course, you would not believe they are little kids. 7 teenagers finished 9 holes at Links course and another 20 kids played mini 9 holes.IMG_9269

Our member Mr. Liang Gang was the lucky star of the day. The day we held the tournament was actually Mr. Liang’s birthday. He played so well that won the gross champion of member’s group. During the dinner banquet, while Mr. Liang drew the lucky draw for us, he pulled his own name from the lucky draw box and brought our biggest lucky draw prize – Iphone 6s back to home! Everyone was jealous of him as being so lucky.


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