The Scottish Kilt Golf Tournament 2016

Hopefully, our members still remember the Scottish Kilt Golf Tournament. On July 10th, Jinji Lake Golf Club ushered in the Scottish Kilt Member-Guest Tournament. Almost 120 members and guests entered for this competition with their Scottish Kilt. Member Mr. Jin Zhe won the Gross Championship and member Mr. Yoo Jae Hyung won the Net Championship.



Its not only a simply golf tournament, Jinji Lake Golf originated in Scotland wind to the hot Suzhou. In addition to the swaying skirt, all the players can hear the beautiful Scottish bagpipes during the play. Mentioned in Scotland, the whisky is an important thing that we cant forget. And thats what we prepared for our players as well. The whisky provided by the Glenmorangie at Links#4 let the players experienced the Scots enjoyment. At Links#9, two goats were waiting there to take photos with every player.


This tournament has got Shanghai Aficionado PR Marketing assisted the whole process. At the banquet, a warm video attracted everyones attention. Start from sign in to players had changed their Scottish skirts; all the memories have been perfect recorded. By looking at the smiling face of the members, hearing the applause from them, all these can prove the success of this tournament.


We believed this tournament has left an unforgettable memory to all the members. During the banquet, member Mr. Yang Guo Qiang said, he had to leave Jinji Lake because his job, but once he got back to Suzhou, he rejoined in to Jinji Lake and was looking forward to the future of Jinji Lake. Ms. Zhang Yi, who heard about this tournament and came back from abroad specially, said, she was very proud as a member of Jinji Lake. No matter the course maintenance, the warm welcome from the bag drop to front desk, looker room and starter, made her feel like she was back to home. Jinji Lake is also very proud of having such members, we will take this as encouragement and moving forward in the future.





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